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TIMES has been succesfully organised since 1994 throughout Europe with the support of various universities and companies.


Each year, TIMES attracts over 350 teams of 4 Industrial Engineering and Management Students associated with a Local Group of ESTIEM.


TIMES is the biggest Industrial Engineering and Management case study competition in Europe. Each year, there are 72 Local Qualifications, 8 Semi Finals and 1 Grand Final is being organised throughout Europe.


Top students of 72 home universities, compete against each other to get the title of “Industrial Engineering and Management Students of the Year” in the TIMES Final.

Structure of the Competition


Last Year's Vice Champion Team

unnamed (3).jpg

Last year, “The Astonishing”, a team from our Local Group represented Aveiro in TIMES Final achieving 2nd place in this prestigious competition.

Initially the team was composed by Francisco Vieira, Michael Nunes, Vasco Rodrigues and Nelson Ribeiro. However, Filipa Ferreira had to replace Nelson during the Final.

We are very proud of the team and their achievements, keep aiming high!

Michael Nunes, Vasco Rodrigues, Francisco Vieira, Filipa Ferreira from LG Aveiro

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