European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (ESTIEM) was founded back in 1990, and wants to estabilish and promote mutual relations between Industrial Engineering and Management all over Europe, as well as support them both in personal and professional development.

Nowadays, this organisation counts on a strong network of 81 Local Groups, in European Universities.

BOARD 2020/2021


Francisco Almeida - Local Responsible

Francisco Vieira - Vice-President of Finance

Andreia Rainho - Vice Local Responsible

Corporate Relations

Cidália Mendes - Vice-President of Corporate Relations

Inês Amorim

Ana Filipa

Public Relations

Eduarda Mendes - Vice-President of
Public Relations

Sara Leitão

Ana Pinho

Activities and Logistics

Guilherme Gonçalves - Vice-President of Activities

Ana Matos

Human Resourses

Eduarda Fernandes - Vice-President of
Human Resources