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On June the 13th, it will take place the second edition of Team Up with ESTIEM!

This year, given these strange times that we live in, the event will be held online via Zoom with a very important matter that is relevant for every IEM student or professional: " The impact of COVID-19 on the IEM job market".

You will have the chance to discuss and exchange ideas with IEM professionals that are now suffering the first pandemic impacts.

Apply here:


Eduardo Belmiro Torres de Couto

Belmiro Torres.jpg

Invited Assistant Professor at DEGEIT and Project Director at Grupo Martifer

António Novais


Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer
and General Manager at PECOL,SA

Ana Carina Almeida

Ana Carina Almeida.png

IEM Alumni 

Consultant at Deloitte

Tiago Almeida

Tiago Almeida_1.JPG

IEM Alumni 

Service Delivery Manager at Celfocus, Novabase Grupe

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