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From 24th Nov to 1st December LG Aveiro along with LG Minho and LG Porto had, for the first time ever, the Industry Hubs.


The main topic of this event was Traditional Industry Competitiveness. We intended to explore the different types of traditional industry that every region has and understand how they have been adapting nowadays in order to remain in the market, and, also, what techniques they use to continue on improving and to keep on competition with the most recent companies.

Being in three cities allowed participants to better experience Portuguese culture and to discover the differences and the similarities of these companies.


For Aveiro, we decided to go with the industry of porcelain and ceramics because it has always been a part of the city's history. We were pleased to visit two excellent company's: Aleluia Cerâmicas and Love Tiles 

2019-11-25 12.20.33
2019-11-25 11.57.47
2019-11-25 12.48.17
2019-11-25 15.42.33
2019-11-25 17.13.36


Minho intended to analyze the footwear and textile industries and for that they organized a company visit to BeStitch. They also wanted to show a bit of the Portuguese culture by with a Making Your own Traditional Food Workshop



Porto planed to explore many traditional industries. For that, they organized a visit to the prestigious Porto wine cellars and to a coffee industry, Bicafe. The participants had also a great opportunity to paint their own tile with a workshop called Paint Your Tile. 

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